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Who Is My Home Care Team?

The home care team is made up of very special people who are trained clinicians. They dedicate their lives to serve others.
  • Skilled Nurses - Teach, draw labs, change catheters, dressing changes, and assist in close medical management under your physician’s orders.
  • Medicaid Social Services - Assist with Social, Emotional, & Economic Factors, Counseling, Arranging supplemental services.
  • Home Health Aides - Personal Care, Bathing, Hair and Nail care, Linen change, Light Housekeeping and Meal preparation.
  • Physical Therapists - Therapeutic exercises, Gait training, Ultrasound and Prosthetic training.
  • Occupational Therapist - Muscle Re-education, Fine Motor Coordination, Neuro- developmental and Sensory Treatment, Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Identifies Equipment Needs.
  • Speech Therapy - Comprehension of Language, Language Processing, Speech, Voice and Esophageal Speech.
  • Primary Physician - Directs the care.